Lightning Protection – How to protect your site

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tennessee-gas-pipeline  Protecting YOUR SITE!

1) Structural – Lightning Protection! it starts at the top

2) Bonding – Grounding


Structural:  Passive-Point Discharge Brush System.


  • Ground charge accumulates naturally at each corner of the tower.
  • Grounded to the tower by removing any paint…(not to the ground)
  • Emitting Ions, forming a CORONA, which will Deflect Lightning.
  • Our System Works 24 / 7
  • PPD’s have been Storm and Wind Tested 150 MPH Plus
  • Top of Tower (Beacon)
  • Antennas
  • Mid tower if necessary.
  • Service entrance of building.


Bonding – Grounding: “Less is More”


NOTE:  “LESS IS MORE” Your site needs a good grounding system in place.

Keep in mind that too much grounding may in fact be very attractive to STATIC and LIGHTNING.


  • Halo – Ring – Connecting the site together.



Fence / Gate

Fuel Tanks / Generators


  • Grounding:

Tower Legs

Guy Cables

Soil Test:  if greater than 5 ohms.?


  • Wire:

2/0 Bare Copper – Throughout the site to keep the same potential of





  • Surge Protector:   A/C  *  RF Transmission lines  *   Telco  *             Data