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PPD-1900: 12,000 Stainless Steel Points
The PPD-1900 brush has been our standard-bearer for many years. This brush offers superb quality and protection with no maintenance. This is passive protection at its best! The 1900 is designed for ease of installation, cost-effectiveness and maximum protection with virtually zero wind-load effect by design. The 1900 system is used mainly on tall towers and structures throughout the world.

PPD-1200: 8,000 Stainless Steel Points
The PPD-1200 is our smaller version of the 1900. This brush is suitable for special applications with the same quality and attributes of the larger brush. The 1200 system is designed for additional cost-effectiveness for sites that don’t require the larger system. The 1200 is perfect for mounting directly on satellite dishes as well as cameras and other equipment which require special protection.
PPD-114: 3,000 Stainless Steel Points
The PPD-114 has been developed specifically for tower cameras, security cameras, roof tops and satellite dishes which do not require the larger brush. All our brush systems are made of 100% stainless steel with an extra strong 4 wire core system. Our brushes have withstood winds of over 150 mph as measured in wind tunnel tests. We are very proud of all our brushes and enjoy hearing from our customers that the systems have done the job!!!!
<p>As always the case – all Lightning Experts products are 100% made and manufactured in the USA, with USA steel.