Product Placement Diagram

The diagrams below show some samples of how and where we would place our PPD series of brushes. Precise placement is critical to direct lightning to strike the brush – and not the item we are protecting.


Camera Placement

The above diagram shows how we would mount the PPD-1200 to protect your security cameras.



PPD-1200’s will be mounted on each side of the camera because the ground charge accumulates naturally at the corners and at the top of Monopole (structure).
• Units will be placed at the specific level to get the maximum arrays of ions around and at the top of the camera and Monopole.
PPD-1200 will be mounted in such a way not to interfere with the camera function.
• This customized installation will reduce Static Ground Charge.


  • Feature One
  • Feature Two
  • Feature Three

Security Camera Placement

Security cameras it is always a good idea to place at least 2 brushes, mounted close but slightly higher than the camera itself. In this pic is our PPD-1200 series brush with 8000 stainless steel points.


  • 16,000 points
  • Angled brackets
  • Maintenance free



We placed 6 of our high strike PPD-1900 series brushes that feature 12,000 stainless steel points on each brush. Maximum protection was critical for this site application.


  • 72,000 combined points
  • Longer brackets
  • Passive-Point Discharge

Product Options

A general rule is you can’t overkill a site application when selecting lightning protection setup applications. But Lightning Experts has designed 3 products that will get the job done for your particular site. From our smaller PPD-114 to our larger PPD-1900. See your options below.



PPD-114 featuring 3000 Stainless Steel points was designed by Lightning Experts for budget consciences minded and offering excellent protection for smaller applications.

  • Security cameras
  • Smoker Grills
  • Boats
  • Smaller satellite dishes
  • Homes



PPD-1200 featuring 8,000 Stainless Steel points is our mid-level brush. This brush is perfect for an abundance of applications. Contact Lightning Experts if you have any questions about which product to use.

  • Towers
  • RV’s
  • Large satellite dishes
  • Yachts
  • Barns – Horse stalls



PPD-1900 with 12,000 Stainless Steel points has been Lightning Experts’ de facto go-to product by many for years now and for good reason as it offers maximum protection for critical high strike sites.

  • Towers
  • Sky Scrapers
  • Cruise Ships
  • Oil Wells – Platforms
  • Silos