Lightning Protection – How to protect your site

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  Protecting YOUR SITE! 1) Structural – Lightning Protection! it starts at the top 2) Bonding – Grounding 3) TVSS Structural:  Passive-Point Discharge Brush System.             Ground charge accumulates naturally at each corner of the tower. Grounded to the tower by removing any paint…(not to the ground) Emitting Ions, forming a CORONA, which will Deflect Lightning. Our System Works 24 / 7 …

Reasons for choosing Lightning Experts

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• Excellent reference from existing customers around the major cities in the U.S., Canada & South America • The founders of Lightning Experts have over 34 years of experience in lightning protection – utilizing the PPD System • 99.8% of the time our product has deflected lightning in the immediate area-avoiding a direct hit • Your site will be protected …

Buy America – Buy from Lightning Experts

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  All Lightning Experts products are produced, manufactured in the USA using 100% made in the USA grade steel. Not many companies today can stake this claim, one of the reason we stand behind our products for 25 years and counting!